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How a Brand Color Influences Consumer Buying Behavior

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How a Brand Color Influences Consumer Buying Behavior

August 29, 2018

Colors play an important role in enhancing visual appearance of a product and it is the same when you are selecting colors for your logo. Right color combinations will assist your customer get a clear idea about branding message you want to deliver.

It is also a well-known fact that most people create a sub-conscious judgment about something in just about ninety seconds and the main factor they consider while taking that judgment includes checking color of the product.

You will find it interesting to know that around 85% of all people consider color as the main factor that dictates their purchase decision. Additionally, 80% of buyers consider that use of proper colors helps in increasing brand recognition.

In the following sections let us look at specific elements and meaning of various colors. This way logo designing will become easier for you and the logo you design with brand specific colors will amply represent your business.

Elements and Meaning of Colors


Red symbolizes determination, power, courage, danger, and passion. It is also the color with highest visibility. The other good thing about red color is that it is able to stimulate anyone into making a quick decision.


Blue is linked with features such as stability, confidence, depth, loyalty, wisdom, and trust. In addition, it points towards calmness and tranquility.


Yellow indicates energy, happiness, joy, intellect, and happiness. If you want to draw attention then this is the color to select. One thing to keep note of is that it is also considered as a very babyish color and as such, not considered suitable when someone is looking to sell prestigious products.

Preference for Colors

Preference for colors varies based on gender; let us go through the details here:

  1. 35% of female are more inclined towards blue color.
  2. 57% of male are attracted towards blue color.

Influence of Colors

There are different types of shoppers and they are influenced by different types of colors.

  1. Impulsive buyers are more influenced by colors such as orange, red, and royal blue.
  2. Budget conscious buyers are attracted by teal and navy blue.
  3. Traditional buyers are drawn towards rose, sky blue, and pink colors.

Brands and How They Use Colors in Their Logo

  1. 51% of all brands keep the logo monochrome.
  2. 30% of brands use 2 colors.
  3. 19% of brands utilize multiple colors.

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