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How Businesses Will Advertise After BBMP Ban on Flexes and Banners

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How Businesses Will Advertise After BBMP Ban on Flexes and Banners

August 17, 2018

Recently BBMP banned all hoarding, banners, and flex from its 198 wards. Why this step was taken? What are the penalties for non-compliance? What are the alternate advertisement solutions for businesses after this ban? Let us find all the answers.

BBMP Ban on Banners and Flexes

Recently Karnataka High Court has issued a directive with regards to removal of banners and flexes all across the city.

In the wake of this directive, BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) approved a resolution that effectively bans banners, flexes, posters, hoardings, wall writing, and other similar advertisements for 1 year across all of it’s 198 wards.

Reasons behind the Ban

The high court took this decision due to the fact that these banners and flexes were becoming a menace for commuters and were becoming the primary cause behind increase in car accidents.

The banners were causing distraction for drivers while they drive and were also resulting in visual pollution at public spaces.

What is kept outside the scope of the ban?

This BBMP ban does not include advertisement placed on skywalks and bus shelters created by BBMP.

The reason is that these have been constructed using a private-public partnership model and here private firms have a right to put their ad for a specific time period.

Penalties for Non-removal of Banners

According to N. Manjunatha Prasad, BBMP Commissioner, “those who do not remove the hoardings, banners, and flexes within 15 days will have to pay a penalty of Rs.1 lakh or may have to go to jail for 6 months.” 

He added that, “It will be necessary to dismantle the whole structure and just removing the advertisement will not be sufficient.”

How businesses will advertise now after this ban?

This ban is certainly going to affect how businesses advertise their products and services. The only viable solution now open for a business is RWA activation in Bangalore. Residential Welfare Association activation or RWA activation refers to a form of advertisement where posters, banners, stalls, flyer distribution, kiosks, and similar other advertisement options are used in residential apartments for highlighting products and services a business provides.

This way a business is able to reach quite close to its targeted consumer group and deliver the message.

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