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Is Rebranding of Adwords as Google Ads going to effect how advertisers buy ads

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Is Rebranding of Adwords as Google Ads going to effect how advertisers buy ads

July 04, 2018

Google has started the process of rebranding its advertising products wherein Adwords and DoubleClick will be getting new names. The main aim of this rebranding is to streamline the offerings so that they better reflect Google’s present capabilities. Let us explore the details in the following sections.

Google Rebranding of Ad Products and the Consequent 3 Main Brands

After this change, all the ad products Google has will get divided into 3 main brands:

  • Google Adwords will now become Google Ads.
  • DoubleClick (products for advisers) and Google Analytics 360 will fall into new brand called Google Marketing Platform.
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers will be part of the new platform known as Google Ad Manager.

“The features these ad products provide are not changing, instead it is basically a change in name which shows where Google has been channeling its different products in last couple of years,” said Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President of Ads during a press briefing.

Google Ads

Google Ads will be the main platform for advertisers to purchase ads on all available Google products, irrespective of whether those are display ads or search ads, app ads, YouTube videos, Maps local listing, or anything else.

Apart from the change in name, Google Ads will also introduce Smart Campaigns. These smart campaigns will be the default mode that small advisers will be using. Based on machine learning, it will automate the process of creation of ads, their targeting, and delivery.

The main focus here with introduction of Smart Campaigns is on small businesses that do not have the resources as well as time for managing complex ad campaigns.

Google Marketing Platform

This platform will help enterprise customers plan, purchase, measure, as well as optimize their digital media purchases at a single place.

Moreover, unification of Analytics 360 and DoubleClick will help marketers analyze their results and develop audience base without the need to navigate between different products.

Google Ad Manager

This brand will be combining DoubleClick Ad Exchange with DoubleClick for Publishers so that all buying can take place programmatically,” said Jonathan Bellack, Product Management Director for Publisher Ads platform.

The other good thing about Google Ad Manager is that it will be helping publishers monetize most of the places customers engage at like connected TVs, live streams, mobile games, Accelerated Mobile Pages, and similar other platforms.

These branding options will be gradually rolling out by mid-July. The main aim of this rebranding is to free-up advertisers so that they can concentrate on improving outcomes without having to pay much attention on product selection.

We will have to wait and watch to see how much success this rebranding achieves.

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