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Reshaping Advertising

Reshaping Advertising

November 21, 2015

Advertising is the new age messenger. It is an effective tool to influence the taste and preferences of people and generate positive effects on consumers’ purchasing behavior or brand choice. The marketing agencies are well aware of this fact. Therefore, to capture the market and improve their profit margins, they are zealous to enhance their advertising skills. A good advertisement and its impact can shape the destiny of a company or brand. Having short as well as long term effect, it communicates the immediate meaning the brand wants to convey. Therefore, building a positive reputation  for the brand is vital for survival in today's competitive market.

Hurdles to powerful advertising

Great work takes effort. Similarly, a powerful advertisement is not easy to come by. It evolves over time. It takes more than just hard work. A lot of fine-tuning, attention to detail and feedback from target groups are crucial. Some of the common mistakes most advertising agency make are:

  • Self-delusion: Being overconfident about your ads and not considering independent and objective evaluation.
  • Strategy: Copying existing advertising concepts and lacking a clear and original advertising strategy.
  • Not adhering to the demands and interests of the target group.
  • Feedback: Not prioritizing reliable feedback from the target group.
  • Risk aversion: Not being risk averse.

While it is important to keep yourself well informed to avoid the above mentioned mistakes, it is imperative to perk up your digital marketing skills to make a powerful advertisement and generate traffic for your digital space.

Taking advertising to a new form

Traditional advertising is dying a slow death. With the rise of the online world, the offline world (magazines, newspapers, TV, radio) has been declining. But the online competition is fierce. To stand out from your competitors, it is important to be different, crazy and spontaneous. To expand your creativity in the online domain, consider trying some of these top tactics:

  1. Mobile video ads: With the expansion of 4G/LTE coverage, mobile video ads are booming. When radio and television commercials begin, most people tend to look  at their mobile phone screen. As mobile video consumption is growing rapidly, advertising here is a must.
  2. Facebook ads: Facebook is continuously expanding with new features and capabilities added frequently. It is a two way channel of communication. When you post your ads, you also get to hear from your target audience through their comments. The feedback mechanism is inbuilt in Facebook.
  3. Emails ads: Email ads are still not out of fashion in the digital world. They still give measurable results. This is because they are affordable, convenient, customizable and relationship focused. If you are not using emails as a part of your marketing, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.
  4. Online banner ads: Online banner ads let your target customers see your ads everywhere they go. With a catchy banner ad design and attractive landing pages, users will be lured into clicking on the advertisement. However, it is also important to stick to your niche while finding an advertisement for your brand or product.
  5. SEO friendly content: In order to reach your target audience effectively, it is important that you get a high ranking on the search engines when your customers look for you. You can achieve this by writing SEO friendly content. As per Google, the keyword density should be around 5.5%. Do not overdo the keyword as it can get you penalized.
  6. Pictures ads: Along with SEO friendly content, adding a stunning picture ad can give you great results in enticing your targeted clients. We live in the age of visual culture. People see before they even begin to read. With an attractive image, you will not only grab the attention of your customers, but also generate more traffic to your website.

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