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Geolocation Analytical SMS

In the modern competitive business world, having a wide customer base is the key. To build a customer base, businesses need to maximize their outreach. Outreach can be made by targeting the right audience who are interested in your product or service and are looking out for it. This is truer for business with multiple departments with different target audience. With the help of Geo-Analytical SMS, marketers can maximise their chance of reaching out to the right audience faster and have a more effective communication. With the help of multiple operator based filters to choose from, Geo-Analytical SMS lets you target the right audience at the right Geo-Location.

IM Solutions Geo-Analytical SMS services are based on state-of-the-art technology to find the right data of clients for different needs and goals of various businesses. Our Geo-location analytical SMS service lets you reach the right and focuses customer base of people who are more interested in buying your products and services. As an expert in analytical SMS services, we make use of different types of segmentation while creating your bulk SMS campaign. Reach an audience of more than 50 million users and widen your customer base with our Geo Analytical SMS campaign. We also analyze other metrics such as behavioral data, affluence, location information, and demographics to ensure your SMS campaigns reach targeted audience and provide desired results. Our research uses in-depth consumer data available consisting of specific classification such as Gender (Male/Female), Different Age Groups, location (City, State, & Pin Code), Age of Device, Pin code, Roaming Status (local, national or International), Subscriber Type (Prepaid or Post-paid), Average Revenue per User (ARPU), etc. By using out bulk SMS solution you will be able to target premium travellers, online shoppers, B2B product buyers, affluent females, and several other categories of users. With our analytical SMS marketing services, we make it possible for you to reach your target audience base helping you achieve maximum outreach for your SMS campaign. We specialise in providing bulk SMS services for all size of business and for all business purpose. With the increase in the number of mobile phone users, SMS campaigns are the key to reach out to wider audience.

Our Core Analytical SMS Service

Why Us?

As a leading analytical SMS service provider in Bangalore, we are equipped with meeting the needs of multiple businesses irrespective of all sizes. We use data from reliable and authentic sources to maximize our customer outreach. Each analytical SMS services are based on market research and use of different types of segmentation while creating bulk SMS campaign.

  • Intelligent filters operating in multiple platforms
  • National and international travelers especially frequent flyers
  • Shoppers from Tier 2 & 3 cities
  • High income target group
  • Target In-market Smartphone Buyers
  • Affluent Fashionistas from metro cities
  • Families in metro cities that live an modern urban life
  • In-market App Downloaders


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