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Geolocation Analytical SMS

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Geolocation Analytical SMS

Geolocation analytical SMS service provided by IM Solutions provides you the opportunity to reach focused customer base of people who are more interested in buying your products and services.

The good thing about our analytical SMS service is that we utilize consumer data available consisting of in-depth details such as:

  1. Gender (Male/Female)
  2. Age (Different Age Groups)
  3. City, State, & Pin Code
  4. Age of Device (Less than 1 month or 12 months+)
  5. Pincode
  6. Roaming Status (Domestic or International)
  7. Subscriber Type (Prepaid or Postpaid)
  8. Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)


As bulk SMS service provider, we also analyze other metrics such as behavioral data, affluence, location information, and demographics to ensure your SMS campaigns reach targeted audience and provide desired results.

By using out bulk SMS solution you will be able to target premium travelers, online shoppers, B2B product buyers, affluent females, and several other categories of users.

Features of Our Analytical SMS Service

As leading analyticalSMS marketing company we make it possible for you reach a target audience base of more than 76 million users, helping you achieve maximum outreach for your SMS campaign.As ananalytical SMS service provider in Bangalore, we make use of different types of segmentation while creating your bulk SMS campaign.

Segmentation in Analytical SMS Service

Segmentation we utilize for our analytical sms campaign serviceincludes:

    1. Circle-wise

    2. Date of last handset change


    4.SMS marketing based on pin code

    5.Post or Prepaid

    6.Time for which active on the network

    7.AVG pre-paid balance

    8.Local usage Total Volume ofminutes utilized

    9.ARPU-wise 100 Rupeesbill tounlimited

    10.IN- Enterprise or small

    11.Mobile-data user

    12.Local Revenue

    13.Based on handset model

    14.Based on usage orvoiceminutes

    15.Based on tariff plan

    16.High STD call users based on volume ofminutes

    17.According to handset manufacturer

    18.Enterprise or non-enterprise clients

    19.3G or 2G active users

    20.ISD users based on volume ofminutes

    21.Capability of handset - 4G/3G/ 2G

    22.Age of the person

    23.Active users on 4G

    24.Revenue from STD

    25.Cost slab in which handset falls

    26.Text message marketing based on date of Birth

    27.Name of the customer

    28.Revenue from ISD calls

    29.Feature or smart phone

    30.Gender of the person

    31.Volume of incomingcalls

    32.Roaming Volume

    33.Handsets operating system category

    34.As bulk sms senders we do segmentation based on city

    35.Days of outgoing calls

    36.Revenue from roaming

    37.Feature or smart phone

    38.Based on tehsil

    39.Based on data usage

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