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Mobile Van Advertising

Mobile van advertising makes it possible to put your advertisement at different locations at different times. As the leading mobile van advertising agency in Bangalore we make sure your advertisement is seen by a large section of people in the locality you want to advertise your product.

Move ahead of your competitors by utilizing this innovative and hyper-local advertisement option that delivers results. Your customers will not have to reach you, you will be reaching them.

Benefits of Mobile Van Advertising Bangalore

Some of the mobile van advertising options we provide include:

  • Tata Ace Display Van:A commonly utilized format and the right solution when you are targeting small areas.Available Size: 9 X 5 ft.
  • Canter Display Van: These consist of bigger vehicles which help in providing your business a broader impact and are a suitable option to use in commercial locations.Available Size: 16W X 8H ft.
  • Hydraulic Mobile Van Advertising: These consist of larger billboards which are placed on elevated platform on mobile vans and provide better visibility in comparison to other forms of mobile van advertising in Bangalore.Available Size: 16W X 8H ft.
  • L-Shaped Road Show Mobile Van Advertising: These comprise of fabricated vehicles that are utilized for road shows. These are the right choice when you want to demonstrate your products and services.

These mobile van moves across residential as well as commercial locations and your ad is viewed by everyone irrespective of their gender or age group.

Best Mobile Van Advertising in Bangalore

Specializing in all types of advertisements, IM Solutions executes mobile van advertisements with great content and impact. Our mobile van advertising promotes road shows with 100% mobility. We allow our clients a completely unrestricted and flexible opportunity to reach all the places in and around the city where other signage or hoardings can’t change. We create clear, visually appealing and large ad banners that is tried and proven to give great results. We get the brand’s message across people and work to increase client’s Return on Investment (ROI). By getting on the streets with an eye catching mobile ad, we ensure people take interest and stop by to enquire about the displayed ad.

IM Solutions executes your ideas into reality and reaches it out to the mass public. Having been in this industry for a long time, we have worked with various brands and have made them happy. If you are looking for great customer experience, brand recall, awareness, and an overall great ROI look no further than us, Contact us today!


Our Core Mobile Van Advertising include

100% mobile
Our mobile van advertising is 100% mobile. We reach every nook and corner of the target area or city for an unrestricted reach and flexible opportunity to publicise your advertisement which other advertising platforms don’t give.
Wide area reach
IM Solutions mobile van advertising reaches to any location as required by the client. Using geo-location strategy and market research, we also advise our clients on placing their mobile van ads for a maximum outreach.
Dynamic banner size and shape
We create mobile van advertising banners with varying sizes and shapes depending on the customer’s need. It ranges from large, medium to small clear and visually impacting display van ads that is tried and proven to give great results.
Attractive graphics
We use attractive graphics and design to attract the attention of the customers. From bright to long-wave colour combination, we make the display visually appealing to grab the attention of the customers.
Meaningful messages
Advertisements without meanings are forgotten easily. At IM Solutions, we make the best of advertisement messages to convey meaning. We want your brand to be valued and credible.
Customer engagement on ground
Other than displaying ads on mobile vans, our agents engage the customers on the ground to generate awareness about the opening of a new store of a brand or any updates about a store. We engage customers by answering their queries in person.

100% Mobile Van Advertising Guarantee

In today's competitive era, competition is at peak. To stand out and make your mark, one should use the best advertising solutions. If you also want to avail innovative mobile van advertising, then IM Solutions is the right agency for you. We have a professional, qualified and skilled team to investigate to advise our clients on which location is best to display their mobile van advertising. We have collaborations with market researchers in every corner of the country to assist us on mobile van advertising. We offer various range of outdoor advertising solution. So, you can avail our mobile van advertising solution to make your brand popular and reach your target audiences. Whether you want to launch a new product or promote the existing one, IM Solutions will provide the best solution at an affordable rate. Via Mobile Van Advertising media, we can help you to put up your add-in front of millions of people in different locations on different timings. Contact IM Solutions today for 100% guaranteed mobile van advertising.

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