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22 - May

Google AMP Stories and Why They are Important for Your Business

What are Google AMP stories and why businesses should pay attention to creating such stories? Let us delve into the details in the following sections.

Google AMP Stories and Their Importance...


14 - May

5 Hidden Facebook Tools That Marketers Can Utilize to Increase Engagement on Their Facebook Page

There are many hidden tools in Facebook which we are not aware of and when utilized properly can help improve your marketing efforts and provide your business greater exposure. Let us...


6 - May

Top 3 Image Optimization Hacks That Improve Conversions on Ecommerce Portals

If you want to make your e-commerce portal successful then first thing you will have to do is optimize the images. On e-commerce sites, images are the main reason behind higher...


27 - April

Essential Tips on How to Pick the Right Color Scheme for Website

Research shows that almost eight-five percent of shoppers decide about buying a product based on colors. Colors play a crucial role in building brand identity and tend to augment brand recognition...


20 - April

An Effort to Debunk Common Web Design Myths

There are many web design myths that we aim to debunk here so that web design teams can focus on right methodologies and create designs which have the right aesthetic appeal....


12 - April

Why Web Pages Got Deindexed from Google

Recently there was news that Google is working hard to fix a technical issue that resulted in de-indexing of web pages from search results. Let us go through the details here.


5 - April

What are the Effects of Florida 2 Broad Core Update by Google

What was the Florida 2 update about and what it targeted to achieve? Let us explore answers to all these important questions in the following sections.

Florida 2 or Broad Core...


29 - March

How to get that coveted place on Google Carousel

If someone is searching for best colleges then Google shows a carousel of scrollable photos right below the search box. When a person clicks on any of the images, it...


21 - March

How to Rank in Search Engines without Generating Backlinks

We all know that for proper search engine optimization (seo) it is necessary for websites to get backlinks. But, it is possible to get a site ranked without generating backlinks by...


16 - March

Facebook Advertising and Secrets of Turning Missed Opportunities into Business Leads Part 2

In first part of this article we saw how Facebook provides you multiple opportunities to advertise and generate leads and exposure for your business. In this article we will continue from...


7 - March

Facebook Advertising and Secrets of Turning Missed Opportunities into Business Leads Part 1

Facebook ads give you the opportunity to advertise your business in right manner and reach the right audience base. But, that becomes possible only when you effectively utilize Facebook advertising. Here, we...


21 - February

Different SERP Features That Your Website Must Utilize Part 2

In first part of this article we checked various features such as answer boxes and featured snippets and how they help in providing better search engine exposure to your site....


11 - February

Different SERP Features That Your Website Must Utilize Part 1

Different SERP Features That Your Website Must Utilize - Part 1

If you want greater visibility for your website in search engine result pages (SERP) then it will be important...


18 - December

How to Utilize SEO and PPC Together to Achieve Marketing Success

In the realm of digital marketing SEO and PPC are generally considered separate things. SEO is related to organic rankings for a website while on the other hand PPC is...


29 - August

How a Brand Color Influences Consumer Buying Behavior

Colors play an important role in enhancing visual appearance of a product and it is the same when you are selecting colors for your logo. Right color combinations will assist...


17 - August

How Businesses Will Advertise After BBMP Ban on Flexes and Banners

Recently BBMP banned all hoarding, banners, and flex from its 198 wards. Why this step was taken? What are the penalties for non-compliance? What are the alternate advertisement solutions for...


3 - August

3 Steps Which Make Email Marketing Campaigns Successful

Email marketing is still relevant in this era of social media and when done in right manner, email marketing can certainly help your business deliver the right message to your...


27 - July

Top 5 Web Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Want to know which design trends are popular this year? Well then, you are at the right place since in the following sections we will be looking at...


18 - July

Why Online Reputation Management is Critically Important for Every Business and How to Achieve Success in ORM by Using Right Strategies

Does online reputation management (ORM) mean social media monitoring or it has to do something with public relations? In reality, ORM involves a lot many other things than...


4 - July

Is Rebranding of Adwords as Google Ads going to effect how advertisers buy ads

Google has started the process of rebranding its advertising products wherein Adwords and DoubleClick will be getting new names. The main aim of this rebranding is to streamline the offerings...


4 - February

Online Marketing Trends of 2016

Digital marketing is a phenomenal revolution. It is a rapidly growing force in the current market scenario. As a medium of communication, digital marketing is versatile, faster, streamlined and more...


21 - November

Reshaping Advertising

Advertising is the new age messenger. It is an effective tool to influence the taste and preferences of people and generate positive effects on consumers’ purchasing behavior or brand choice....



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