Short Story About Our Company

Founded in 2013 at Bengaluru, IM Solutions is an advertising company specializing in digital and outdoor ad campaigns and marketing

In the subsequent years, IM Solutions not only thrived, but excelled in the advertising world. Our dedicated team of creators, unconventional advertising strategies, impeccable client service, sharp organizational skills and off course late night coffees ensured we kept our clients happy consistently and coming back to us. Today, IM Solutions is 50+ people in Bengaluru and Alwar all focused on delivering guaranteed outcome.

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    Jan, 2013
    IM Solutions Was Founded - The Start of a Wonderful Journey

    In January 2013 IM Solutions was founded with the aim of providing website design and development services to businesses. The aim was to offer world-class services at affordable rates both for large conglomerates and SMEs.

    IM Solutions started with a team of 6 people who were experts in their domains with vast industry experience. Within 1 month of its inception, IM Solutions was able to build up a clientele comprising of some of the well-known businesses in Bangalore and since then we never looked back!

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    Jul, 2014
    IM Solutions Ventures Into BTL Activities

    After splendid 1.5 years in ATL activities such as website designing, seo, website development, and creative designing, IM Solutions ventured into BTL activities. There is great demand for BTL activities such as RWA Activation, paper insertion, airport advertising, etc. and IM Solutions aimed to fill the void that existed in this domain.

    The decision to start BTL activities proved to be the right one since many big names from different industries joined hands with IM Solutions to have us as their advertising partner for such activities.

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    Oct, 2015
    The Upward Trajectory

    By Oct 2015, IM Solutions established itself as a reputed name in the advertising industry that offers professional ATL as well as BTL services to businesses of every niche. The IM Solutions team grew exponentially and now we had 70+ strong team of experts who specialized in different services, whether it was website development, seo, paid marketing, RWA activation, paper insertion, bus branding, airport advertising, etc.

    With offices in Bangalore and Alwar (Rajasthan), we were now the strongest players in the advertising industry and a one stop solution provider that businesses relied upon.

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    Feb, 2016
    10,000 Happy Customers

    Close to end of 2016, we reached a landmark wherein we had more than 10,000 happy customers from around the world! We were now experts in offering complete branding solutions to businesses and were taking care of online presence for businesses, carrying out critical online reputation management (ORM) tasks, and ensuring high visibility across all the major offline advertising channels.

    Moreover, our innovative ideas and solutions helped open new advertising avenues for our customers and helped them get higher than expected ROI.

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    Nov, 2017
    The Year We Made the Shift

    It was both a physical shift as well as a shift in our work process. Due to increase in our team strength, we shifted to a large complex within Bangalore and it was also the year of shift in how we ran our business. The management introduced new policies and strategies, which would help us serve businesses in a better way and also increase our productivity

    We were successful in fully automating many of our work processes, which helped us serve our clients better with any type of requirement they had.

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    May, 2018
    Expansion in Our Presence with Tie-ups

    In the trailing part of 2018, IM Solutions entered into several tie-ups to further expand its presence in offline and online advertising industry. These tie-ups helped us strengthen our stronghold as industry leaders. Apart from business expansion, IM Solutions also focused on employee growth and CSR activities so that we can pay our role in improving the society we are part of.

    2018 was also the year IM Solutions received many accolades for its excellent work in the realm of website designing, seo, paid marketing, RWA activation, and similar other services.

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    May, 2019
    We Stride Ahead

    The journey that started 7 years ago continues as we strive ahead and take up new challenges. We want to end 2019 as one of the most memorable years for IM Solutions wherein we achieved all our goals and helped our clients in every possible manner.

    There are different strategies in the pipeline yet to be implemented this year so that we can strengthen our leadership position in the industry. We also want to utilize unique marketing ideas which stand to be rivaled.

We Work for Your Profit

In the ever-changing market, one can have the best product or service but without a carefully drafted advertisement it is invisible (sad but true!). That’s where we can help. With a wide range of services and a team of professionals at IM Solutions, your business is in safe hands.

Online Advertising

Website designing, Website development, Digital marketing services, Search engine optimization (SEO), Geo-location analytical, SMS marketing services, Creative designing, Social media optimization (SMO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Email marketing and many more…

Offline Advertising

Paper insertions, Residential welfare association (RWA) activation, Bus branding, Airport advertising, All print advertisements, Events and trade shows, Radio announcement, Flyers and postcards.
Excellent Support
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Awesome Team
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Faster Performance
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Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure client’s business reaches its highest potential. To do this we don’t just use science but also the art of advertising.

Our Mission

  • Create ads that the customers can relate to, not just see
  • Develop effective marketing strategies for tangible results
  • Provide the best marketing solutions for businesses to grow
  • Build collaborations and client network
  • Strive to be the best in the advertising industry

Our Values

  • We are client-centric, we serve them sincerity
  • We take work seriously and understand quality is not be compromised
  • We are great to work with flexible, reliable and always available