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Printing is an old and cost-effective advertisement. Auto branding is a great platform to display your advertisement to gain regional and local visibility. Autorikshaw roams around in various parts of the city and in all corners. On an average an autorikshaw runs 150-200 kilometres a day. So you can imagine the kind of visibility your ads will get from auto branding.

IM Solutions create the best Auto advertising in Bangalore. IM Solutions uses a completely distinct auto branding approach from others advertisers for every auto branding projects. We are aware of the latest mobile advertising trends and adhere to the diversified needs of different clients. Every auto branding project begins with market research and a pilot survey to gain an insight on how the project will be executed, who the target groups are and where will it be located.  Our Auto advertisements helps your ads reach different locations, demography, streets, alleys, traffic signals, colonies etc. IM Solutions uses premium quality banner materials to shield it against weather related damages. Autorikshaw advertisement is also cheap with the benefit outweighing the cost.

Best Auto Branding Services in Bangalore

As a leading Auto Branding service company, our auto branding service provider provides the best advertisement solutions catering to wide dimensions of clients, efficient enough to blow out your competitors off the water. We present auto branding service brand attentively to provide the most promising response from every age group with the aim of increasing brand awareness.

As an experienced advertising agency in Bangalore, we are instrumental in providing the best quality Auto Advertising Service. Our services are suited to attract the attention of a wider population. We also include display of promotional flex on autos. We make dynamic ads to match the ever-growing and changing needs of the customers. Our ads are also wide dimensions covering voting ads, product ads, service ads, corporate ads, and many others. When you hire our Auto branding services, we deliver:

  • Targeted ads delivered to wider audience
  • Advertising on more than 1, 50, 000 autos
  • Wide options of media range
  • Affordable rates as compared to other available transiting options
  • Advertisement in any specific location, colony, traffic, auto stand etc.

Our Core Auto Branding services include

  1. Auto Hoods

We hire autorikshaw space and display advertising on the hoods of the autorikshaw for maximum display of the advertisement in the autorikshaw. We also use good quality material that is weather resistant and pollution resistant for ads to be displayed for longer duration.

  1. Stickers on Auto

Other than Auto hoods, we also use stickers on auto of varying shapes and sizes to display the ads better. Other than using animated graphics we also use real pictures for displaying the ads on the stickers. Each sticker is bounded by hard fix glue.

  1. Prime location coverage

IM Solutions directs the autorikshaw to cover prime locations in and around the city when they are hired for advertising. We direct them to visit prime traffic junctions, railway station, bus stations, malls, hospitals, banks, schools, colleges, markets etc.

  1. Maximum distance

With distance tracker, each of the autos are to be run atleast 40-50 kms a day for maximum distance coverage. They are made to cover lanes, streets and other congested areas where larger vehicles cannot reach. This helps get maximum exposure to the advertisement on the autos.

  1. Both urban and rural areas covered

Other than urban areas, IM Solution’s auto branding operates even in rural areas. We understand autos are an important public transport with high demands in rural areas. Therefore, we also work with autos in rural areas for maximum advertisement display.

  1. Attractive graphics and colour combination

Colours and graphics are the key to grab the attention of the viewers in an outdoor setting. To make our auto advertisement more dynamic, we work with clients to choose bright and high contrast colour combination for displaying the advertisement. 

100% Guaranteed Auto Branding services

IM Solutions is a leading auto branding company in Bangalore. We have years of experience in the field of auto branding. Promising to deliver 100% Guaranteed Auto Branding services, we have served more than 200 clients and executed every project with due diligence delivering measurable result. We pride ourselves to be among the best Auto branding company with large scale network in various cities and locations of India. Standing out from the clutter of posters, banners, hoardings, and kiosks, IM Solutions auto branding advertisement runs in every part of the target location 24 hours a day, as it man-oeuvres into even those areas which other vehicles cannot reach! Connect with IM Solutions auto branding, to make your local presence powerful.


Why Us?

IM Solutions aims to use innovative ideas which can help advertisers achieve the best. We help your brand communicate with potential clients in an effective manner.

We have tied up with several big and small residential associations across Bangalore. Your ads, our network!

Achieve Maximum Viewership

If you want to achieve maximum viewership then RWA activation services in Bangalore are the ideal option for you to utilize. RWA activation is the best form of the hyper local marketing.

According to client’s requirement, we execute the campaign successfully. Our activities are carried out in a very professional manner wherein we provide client clear statistics about each activity carried out as part of RWA activation.

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