Realestate Videography in Bangalore

Real Estate Videography

Choosing a house to buy, sell or rent can be a very tedious process and also very time consuming. Traditional advertising such as newspaper ads, brochures, and open houses have a limited reach. Here, the buyers don’t get an actual feel for what your real estate property actually looks like. In the present age where everyone is glued to the internet to find almost anything, it becomes imperative to make your ads stand-out. That is why Real Estate Videography is the best way to advertise in the real estate marketing.

IM Solutions has years of experience in advertising and real estate advertising is one of our niche areas. We have a team of videographers, video editors and real estate agents to present real estate advertisements in the most professional and authentic way. Our video-tours provide the best audio-visual experience to viewers to evoke emotions of owning a house and living a happy family life. If you are in the real estate business, you should not miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on the emotions that brings viewers one step closer to the sale of a home.

Our videos are compelling enough to do that for you and increase your sales. We make real estate videos that are bound to get the viewer’s reach out to the real estate dealers. We use different methods to increase the conversion rates while retaining customers.

Best Real-Estate Photographic services in Bangalore

Research shows that real estate listings that include a video receive 200% more chances of enquiries by potential clients. Real estate video marketing is a great tool for real estate agents to drive sales and increase the return on investment. It is particularly so for visually-driven purchases like homes or offices. Having begun our journey in the advertisement world through the real estate industry, we are the best real estate videography service provider in Bangalore. We provide high quality videos to showcase a house or building using the latest technology including drone and aerial footage. Special features of our Real estate videos cover:

  • Exhilarating real-estate home videos with high audio-visual quality
  • SEO service linked to the real-estate video to improve the visibility of your real-estate video online
  • Including real-estate video in your email list to increase your click-through rates
  • Advertise your real estate property through the real estate sections of leading Internet sites

Our Core FM Radio Advertisement Services include


There is no better way to show off the virtues of a home than through video. Video gives the prospective buyer the feeling of moving through the home. All the real estate videos crafted by IM Solutions has high-definition audio and visuals.



To cover all the rooms and features of a house or building, the videos made by IM Solutions is 2-5 minutes long. We also add subtitles in English with voice-over description of the house and other features of the house/building.



We code the videos to be mobile responsive in all the devices to match the Google’s search engine algorithm and also make the videos more user-friendly. Our Mobile Responsive videos offer an ideal user experience to viewers.



In real estate videos, drone footage creates more dramatic and compelling professional videos. Using drone/aerial footage, all spaces such as front door, every room, and outdoor campus can be captured creating a far more natural virtual tour than station-based photography.



On request, IM Solutions also creates virtual reality videos. Potential home buyer can simply put on VR headset and have an immersive three-dimensional walkthroughs of properties. In a matter of minutes, they can visit dozens of locations and decide which are worth visiting in person.



Videos are easy to consume and can deliver messages faster than texts and images. IM Solutions links SEO in to the video codes so that it is easy to find it online. SEO linked videos are not only visible but also easily accessible online ranking at top pages of your search engines.


100% Guaranteed Real Estate Videography Services

IM Solutions is leading real-estate video production company located in Bangalore with years of experience in advertising. We cater to the real estate video needs of businesses of all sizes located anywhere in India. Our in-house team of professional and expert ensures your video requirement is geared with the right content, tools, shots and camera angles to get the perfect video output. Our creative real estate video will showcase every feature of the house in the most captivating way to incite emotions of the potential home buyers. Our perfectly designed real estate video will play a vital role in capturing the attention of your target audience.

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