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Advertising Marketing Activities In Malls & Multiplex

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Advertising in Malls

Advertising in malls and multiplexes gives you the opportunity to advertise your business in front of a large audience base. There are a variety of options to utilize when it comes to advertising in malls and multiplexes.

Advertising in Multiplexes

For instance, right at snacks counters you can offer sampling options, have promotional material strategically placed close to ticket counters in multiplexes, in lounge area, in rest rooms, and create interactive zones for engaging your audience.

Similarly, when advertising in multiplexes, you get the flexibility of choosing your audience group according to the genre of the movie, show timings, language, etc.

Thus, it becomes easier to focus on a niche target and achieve better response for your ads.

Some of the advertising options that you can make use of when advertising in multiplexes include:

advertising_marketing_activities_in Malls_ Multiplex
Real Estate Videography
Real Estate Videography
Real Estate Videography

On Screen Advertising

  1. Ad films
  2. Audio slides
  3. Mute/static slides

Off Screen Advertising

  1. Arch gates
  2. Standees
  3. Ticket jackets, seat jackets, seat flaps
  4. Signage at ticket counter and entrance
  5. Cut outs
  6. Seat branding, popcorn box branding
  7. Arch gates
  8. Pamphlets and flyers
  9. Branding in washrooms and elevators
  10. Kiosk activation
  11. Backlits and façade hoarding

Advertising in Malls

As part of advertising in malls we cover some of the leading malls in Bangalore and in other metro cities in India. Through advertisement which can be in the form of live demonstrations, sampling or contest, we help in building brand recognition for your business.

We develop advertisements in such a way that they help in generating interest in people and lure them into exploring what your brand offers. Moreover, we offer a range of brand activation options that you can select from for mall advertisements, making us the premier BTL activation agency in the country.

Additionally, we have tie-ups with some of the well-known malls in Bangalore and other cities to ensure your ads get required visibility.

Why advertise in malls?

There are several benefits of advertising in malls such as:

  1. Reach people just about when they are going to purchase something.
  2. Target consumers when they are in buying mode.
  3. Your advertisement is placed in an uncluttered environment with clear visibility.

You advertise at places such as food courts, elevator panels, entrances, escalator wraps, and similar other line of sight locations.

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