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Are you looking to build your brand image and proactivelycreate a connection with your customer?Whether you are a business house, individual, or any professional looking to expand your new popularity or counter negativity online, you landed at the right place. Put your faith in IM Solutions to create an impactful online reputation for you. You don’t have to apprehend any negativity online now onwards within our watch.

IM Solutions is a leading online reputation management company serving businesses of all size—big, midsize, small, start-ups with a complete range of online public relations, brand management and digital marketing solutions. We offer the best reputation repair solution and brand management services available in the market. Our goal is to showcase all the good things your brand has to offer adding value in the lives of people.

Internet can be misused to trash your brand image and create a negative thread like a garbage bin where anybody can post negative comments about you. Such negative comments are not only a nuisance but also can also act like a garbage bin where anybody can post negative comments about you. In a crisis like this, IM Solutions comes to rescue your brand, business and ultimately fight back all the false rumours on the web about your brand.

IM Solutions counters all possibilities of negativity such as bad reviews, hate blogs, unpleasant testimonials and scam allegations that are likely to put your brand in a disadvantage. We provide comprehensive solutions to promote protect and defend your online reputation using innovative techniques used by the world’s leading public relations firms. Our Online Reputation Management or ORM strategy involves managing the prevalent perception about our clients on web based networking sites and social media, and on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Our ORM package includes Brand Reputation Management Services. We start by promoting existing positive content, generate new content and social media profile creation, active engagements in social web spheres in forums, blogs, social networking and countering negative reviews on different online media.

We track the entire online buzz about your brand and monitor it. Through our online reputation management (ORM) campaigns, we work wonders in showcasing the very best of you on the web. We cater to a number of clients from different domains and provide assistance in managing their online reputation.


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If you exist, you exist online too today! We cover Online reputation management services for everyone---Be it politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, celebrities, business executives, world leaders, and almost everyone on this earth. Our personal reputation management solutions include protection against search result disasters, online reputation repair, Wikipedia management, and much more.

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Why choose IM Solutions?

Best Online Reputation Management Company

IM Solutions is a niche advertising Solution Company specialising in Online Reputation Management and cyber litigation services domain. We manage and measure brand perception in a digital world with the most comprehensive online reputation monitoring tools available. We monitor all mentions of our brand, industry or competition across online media, news and social platforms. We also measure the impact of your marketing campaigns by analysing online and social media data. We compare your brand’s performance against your competitors. We then consolidate your social media profiles to identify unhappy customers and turn them into brand advocates with targeted customer service outreach.We have worked with several clients who speak our success stories over the years and our highly proficient team of experts always ensures to deliver only the best to our clients.

Our Online Reputation Management (ORM) proactively build brand and create a better connection with your customers and create an impactful online reputation for your business. IM Solutions being a premier digital advertising agency has the knowledge to deal with publicity quietly yet very effectively. Our experts work to creatively douse unfavorable situations with tactful processes so that there is no trail whatsoever about the activity.

We have become one of the best in the Online Reputation Management industry over the years because we work to ensure resulted-oriented digital marketing solutions and develop online reputation for your brand. We understand each brand is unique and their requirements are also different. That is why, we provide customizable solutions for your business. We negate the negative with online swords. We start by identifying the problem source, monitoring reviews, analyzing feedback and then building a reputation.

IM Solutions offers the following advantages over other reputation management companies:

  • Proactive online reputation management solutions
  • In-house outsourcing solution by experts
  • Receive notifications Trusted Alerts and Reports
  • Receive notifications Trusted Alerts and Reports
  • Customisable scalable solutions
  • Strengthening and building reputation


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