Advertisement in Magazines

Advertisements in Magazines create a lasting colourful image of your product

Advertising in Magazines is a conventional platform of advertising to reach out to a wide audience for a very long time. The cost of advertising in magazines is also low as compared to other types of advertising. It is also an effective way to reach out to a niche segment of consumers. Advertising in Magazines projects a brand as a capable product or service provider to reach out to their target audience in a well-defined context. Using interactive content and attractive graphics, print ad format of magazines advertising also gives an opportunity to engage deeper with readers. Popular magazines for advertising are Interior design magazines, lifestyle magazines, current affairs magazine, art and culture magazines, in-flight magazines, tourism and travel magazines etc. Apart from magazines, advertisers are also promoting their advertisements on popular journals. IM Solutions being a leading advertisement in Bangalore, has years of experience in all types of advertisements. We have delivered more than 300 projects and advertisements in magazine is one of our specialisations.

Best Magazines Advertisement services in Bangalore

Having delivered over more than 300 projects in our journey of advertisement, IM Solutions is a premier advertising company in Bangalore. We provide different kinds of advertisements in magazines in different sizes and formats. We also provide the option of innovative advertising in magazines through options such as thick tabs, gatefolds, placing free product sample in the magazines etc. The advantages of advertising in magazines are immense. Magazines have a longer shelf life as compared to newspaper. They are often browsed through for months after publication. With our advertising services you can reach out and impact leave an impact on your audience for more than 6 months after its initial insertion. Through our advertisement your viewers and readers spend more time per sitting with a magazine. We help you increase the visibility of your ads.


Our Core Magazines Advertisement services include:

Innovative magazine ads

Our innovative magazine ad services use four-fold photos and artwork to make your ads visually more appealing and make it more meaningful to deliver high impact on your ads. Other than graphics, we also use options such as thick tabs, gatefolds, placing free product sample in the magazines etc.


Coverage in popular magazines

We cover your ads in popular magazines and journals that have wide circulation in various languages other than English. We cover magazines of international, national and regional circulation.


Targeted audience

Each business is different and geared towards a specific target audience. At IM Solutions we give our clients customized ad options depending on their requirements. Based on the target audience, we choose which ad is to be delivered at various magazines.



Advertisements in magazines are very cost effective to other advertising platform while their impact level is very high. Through IM Solutions tie-ups with more than 1000 magazines across India, we assure the best possible deal when you place your ads though us.



To increase the accessibility of your product and services through ads, we make it easy for potential customers to reach out to you by linking your magazine ads in the online as well as offline platform. Online platforms such as social media, websites, are used while we also use retail locations, toll-free numbers etc for offline network.


Brand credibility

IM Solutions established your brand credibility and exert authority in your niche by circulating your ads in the most popular and credible international, national and regional magazines and journals. Some few examples are India Today,


100% GUARANTEED result from magazine advertisement

IM Solutions Magazine advertisements services will benefit your business in its ability to display high impact ads. Irrespective of your business size, we will enhance your publicity through advertising in the most widely read and distributed international and national magazines. Because of the magazine's higher print quality, advertisements on magazines are kept for a longer period of time. People also pass magazines on to people around them increasing exposure of your advertisement. It also provides meaningful communication through understanding of an often complex issue or long story. Such contacts between viewers and advertisers offer continuous engagement increase sales and purchase in the long run. When you hire us, your advertisement will benefit by:

  • Attractive magazine ads to capture viewer’s focused attention
  • Advertisement on popular magazines ads adds credibility to a brand advertising in their magazine
  • Target your audience better—demography, age, gender, market, area, etc.
  • Magazine ads offer a lasting message and impression
  • Gain an in-depth and detailed communication of the entire brand story

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