Advertisement on ATMS

Advertising on ATMs is an alternative form of advertisement as compared to conventional advertising platforms. Advertisement on ATMs is growing popular because it offers a unique way to interact with customers in an ATM transaction environment. These days with increasing expansion of ATM facility throughout the country, advertisement on ATMs is bound to grow significantly. Everyone needs an ATM service and so it is also a useful advertising platform to reach a wider audience. When consumers use ATMs, their attention is focused on the machine and the transaction. Through ATM receipts, it becomes easier to attract customers and entice them with discount offers. ATM network infrastructures are also robust these days. Therefore, it will cover both rural and urban areas. Another advantage of advertising on ATMs is that with advanced technology, ads can be displayed on the screen delivered remotely and not have to be manually uploaded to each time. It saves a lot of time, money and energy.

Best Advertisement on ATMS on Bangalore

Almost everyone has bank accounts and ATMs today. Advertisement on ATMs is a very effective medium to capture the attention of your target audience. It is one of the most popular media in and is positioned well to grab attention of maximum audience in an object. As a leading advertising agency in Bangalore, IM Solutions provide the best services in advertisement on ATMs. We have tie-ups with banks, financial institutions and ATM management teams to facilitate advertisements in almost all ATMs of Bangalore city. Some of our advertisement on ATMs services include—poster, screen advertisement, glass branding, screen branding & receipt branding. When we execute your advertisements on ATMs, we assure you:

  • We provide wide area coverage for your product or services
  • We promote your brand image in your area of industry
  • We establish your brand’s authority as industry expertise
  • We work to increase your Return on Investment (ROI)

Our Core Advertisement on ATMs services include:

Robust ATM network coverage

We have tie-ups with banks and financial institutions to display your advertisement in all areas across the country. We cover both rural and urban areas for displaying advertisements on the ATMs. We provide a wider outreach to your business.


Customer Receipt Advertisements

After every ATM transaction, customers will want to check their receipt. Our advertisements also cover customer receipts so that your product or business does not miss out on any possible advertisement outlet. Your ads will be featured in the receipts for greater visibility.


Poster inside ATM Room

Apart from non-traditional advertising mediums, we also use conventional mediums such as displaying your ads on posters, walls, entrance of ATMs etc. We use attractive visuals to capture the attention of the viewers and increase your chances of being noticed.


ATM Screen

ATM Screen is one of the most effective and attractive means to advertise. ATM visitors cannot ignore the advertisements displayed on the ATM screen. IM Solutions will bring the best of advertisements on the ATM screen for your business.


On-Screen ads delivered through remote technology

With the advancement of new technology and greater demand for wider advertisement coverage, we try to deliver your ads as fast as possible using automated remote technology. Your advertisement does not have to be manually fitted on the screen for any kind of updates.


Pan India Advertising coverage

We cover Pan-India Advertising on ATM to target a niche audience. We provide clutter-free environment for Pan-India advertising. The budget for Pan-India advertisement is scalable.


100% GUARANTEED result advertisement on ATMs

As the number of ATMs grows in the country, advertisement on ATMs will also increase its popularity. We at IM Solutions, make ads to deliver results. We are a professional advertisement company in Bangalore operating for the last 8 years. Over the years, we have delivered more than 300 projects in all types of advertisements. We do not compromise on the quality of the work that is why we aim to execute each advertisement on ATMs with utmost diligence and meticulousness. We value every penny of our clients. That is why we endeavor for 100% deliverable results. We not only provide the best advertisements on ATMS, but we help every client select the right media options, plan and execute your ad campaigns.

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