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In any business, communication is the most important pillar. Communication has to be clear and should reach the right audience for them to connect with your brand. Although the channels of communication over the years have evolved tremendously as technology grew, press release still continues to be an effective and cost effective means of communication. When done correctly, press release can boost your business performance by getting the right information of your business and increase its popularity among the public.

IM Solutions is professional press release Service Company empowering businesses through effective and clear communication. We specialise in professional press release and media services. We distribute our client’s press releases in more than 100+ media outlets for clients. We maximise our client’s outreach with our press release planning and strategies designed by professionals. We are here to make the right impact on your audiences and create the right environment for your business to grow and increase its popularity. As a leading professional press release company, IM Solutions caters to different industries. We work on increasing real-time communication through press release and opening new doors for every business communications and breathing life into some old standbys. Our press release services allow you to directly communicate information to a mass audience and to target specific groups.

We have an in-house team of professional writers who constantly keep a tab on the latest development in a specific industry and geographical areas. Every press release are crafted and handpicked by our editorial staff. We have many press release options. Apart from offline, we also cover social media as a public relations and marketing tool is giving press releases alternative publishing options. After compiling the press releases, we ensure it is available on major platforms such as online search engines, newspaper and many more. We incorporate SEO friendly keywords and use search engine optimization tools to significantly increase the likelihood your press release appearing in the search-engine results. Having a global network of important contacts, media partners and websites and journalists, we let our client’s press releases circulate not just worldwide but also make an impact.


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As news and updates forms the core of businesses, we develop strategic media planning to leverage our expertise to find your audience wherever they are — in airports, gyms, hotels, shopping malls — and across radio, TV and online channels.

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  • Exceptional boost to search engine optimization
  • Strengthen relationships with existing and new customers
  • Greater connection with people to your business and brand
  • Establishing your brand name as an industry leader
  • Create opportunity for others to share the link to your business and brand

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