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India being a growing economy and a home to various number of IT parks such as HITECH City-Hyderabad, Electronics City- Bangalore, Infotech Park- Mumbai, DLF IT Park-Noida, Cyber City- Gurugram, Magarpatta- Pune etc houses some of the best IT Parks in the world. IT parks or Information Technology parks are the hubs of information services attracting the best of the industry experts. IT parks are one of the best places to advertise since its infrastructure is geared towards high speed telecommunication services and bolstered connectivity. Therefore, for any business to build its brand value and promote itself in its business ventures, advertising in tech parks are an effective and proven strategy.

With IM Solutions tech park advertising services, attract niche customers such as business men, professionals, employees, visitors and expatriate workers. Our ad campaigns are tailored towards delivering the best ad experience. We craft every ads with utmost care to target high income category of clients. We work to deliver advertisement campaign with high impact marketing tactics. We convey your advertising message with strategy, clever art and a meaningful marketing connection.

Your advertisements in tech parks should not be any ordinary ads. It should stand out and be bold. It should not just display but talk to its target customers. That’s why IM Solutions pride itself to be the best tech park advertisement service agency in Bangalore. We deliver ads customized to each business group. Our ads are well researched before it is executed. We have tie-ups with major tech parks in the city and also other metropolitan cities. When you hire us to deliver your ads in the tech parks, we assure you:

  • We will promote your brand loyalty with our phenomenal ad execution. We understand the target audience at IT parks are brand conscious people and we will make them your brand follower.
  • Your business sales (Return on Investment) will shoot up. Advertising in tech parks is no joke because these people have high purchasing power. We articulate ads in a way to promote brand and increase sales.

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Building Brand Loyalty

The target groups at IT tech parks are high income groups who are brand conscious people. To retain their clientship, we not only make ads but also monitor the impact of the ads to maximise brand loyalty.

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Why Us?

Do you want your ads to be the most attention grabbing? Do you want ads that make people think twice about ignoring ads? If yes, you are at the right place. We make the best ads in the industry, placed strategically and executed with the minds of the experts. IM Solutions guarantee 100% result oriented ads to make a distinguishable mark in the market. We help you target the niche client group. We use effective and unconventional traditional advertisement action plan to convey the ad message. Years of experience of handling ad campaigns and association with major media owners have made IM Solutions the most preferred in the industry. We not only provide the best IT tech park advertisements, but we help you select the right media options, plan and execute your ad campaigns.


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