Bus Branding

The good thing about bus advertisement is that it offers various options for you to choose from like Parisaravahini buses that are usually very cost effective option and there are AC buses such as VayuVajra buses, offering premium bus advertisement option. Bus branding in Bangalore is right option for businesses which are focusing on a specific region or location to achieve the right visibility.

Bus advertisement brings with it innovative, color, and large designs which draw attention of commuters and the best thing is that it is a type of advertisement that no one can switch off. Moreover, it provides brands complete exclusivity in advertising space they are targeting and delivers the right results.


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Why Us?

Target the Right Commuters

By adding the advertisement inside buses it will become possible for you to focus on commuters who are traveling using city buses. In addition, ads on exterior of buses assist in targeting other people like pedestrians, people standing on bus stops, traveling by scooter, bike, car, any other transport medium. As buses travel all-around the city, the advertisement you post will become visible to commuters in varied localities.

Inform About Offers

Through bus branding you can inform people about exciting offers and discounts you are launching by using the large space available to you.

Deliver Branding Message

Bus branding is the right option when you are trying to deliver your company’s branding message to the masses at a very low cost.


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