In the modern competitive market, below the line marketing activities are gaining popularity among businesses as a means of communication and promotion. Below the line advertising can give great momentum to your business. Below the line marketing activities offer a direct communication to the target audience. Below the line marketing activities include email marketing campaigns, brand activation services, exhibition display, mall activation, society activation, corporate activation etc. Below the line marketing activities creates a reliable thread between any business brand and their consumers. It can effectively boost your sales and gets your brand closer to the target audience. As a standalone and constant Business to Business marketing approach, below the line marketing activities have gained impetus in various sectors and industries. For any business to attain substantial brand coverage and drive branding activities, below the line marketing activities can take your business to new heights.

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Our Below the Line Marketing or Promotion offers:
  • Strategically designed marketing plan
  • Effective communication to ensure direct engagement of consumers
  • Fast and easy solution for marketing and promotional activities
  • Customised and flexible solution for all your BTL activity needs
  • An efficient tracking system to evaluate performance
  • A cost-effective option for all your marketing and promotional needs

Our core services include:

Mobile solutions
Our below the line marketing solutions are mobile and portable. IM Solution’s BTL services are for multiple locations and markets. With our BTL activities, your business can have maximum marketing outreach for all your promotional activities.
Easily transportable
Our BTL activities are easily transportable. It is easy-to-install and do not take time to set-up. The BTL activities come with high quality to prevent damage. It can also be easily transported from one location to another.
Design expertise
By adhering to the best industry practice and guidelines, we formulate designs following international standards. Our designs are outstanding and attract maximum target audience.
Stunning graphics
To attract and retain customer’s attention, we use high-quality stunning graphics. To cater to business’s BTL activation needs, we integrate stunning graphics and design crafted to enhance the advertisement.
Indoor and outdoor BTL promotions
We deal with all both indoor and outdoor BTL promotion and marketing services. We design solutions crafted for specific business requirements. We provide various option of tents, flags, platforms, etc that can make your indoor or outdoor promotional activities effective.

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