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Online Reputation Management Service

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending”.―Carl Bard

Apart from being useful, internet can be also a garbage bin where anybody can post negative comments about you.  This can heavily influence the perception of people about your brand. It is a good thing to have constructive criticism, but you should also need to be aware that your competitors may bombard false rumors on the web about your brand.

Bad reviews, hate blogs, unpleasant testimonials and scam allegations are likely to put your brand in a disadvantage.

IM Solutions - Online Reputation Management Company in Bangalore

We strongly believe your potential clients or anyone looking for your business online should know how good you are in your business. That is why we decided to work as online reputation management company in Bangalore.

Online Reputation Management

We track all the online buzz about your brand and monitor it. Through our online reputation management (ORM) campaigns, we work wonders in showcasing the very best of you on the web. We cater to a number of clients from different domains and provide assistance in managing their online reputation.

Online Reputation Management

Your privacy matters to us. That is why we work with complete confidentiality. All of our services are focused and dedicated towards preserving your privacy.

Whether you are a small / medium or a large firm, our experts will provide pro-active reputation management solution that will defend your brand image. We also work to promote constructive and positive conversation about your business in various online communities.

How we can help?

If your brand is being targeted by negative online reviews, defamation or other negative mentions, contact our team for online reputation management solutions which will:

  1. Enhance your online ratings quickly and efficiently
  2. Take care of online review management
  3. Improve your brands positive visibility
  4. Monitor online criticism (remove/hide/repair it)
  5. Provide a bird's-eye view about your brand's online image

Our Strengths

As an ORM service provider in Bangalore, we strive to:

  1. Help you develop better connection with visitors.
  2. Develop online reputation for your brand.
  3. Provide tailor made solutions.
  4. Negate the negative
  5. Analyze negative mentions about your site
  6. Identify problem source
  7. Lower visibility of negative remarks/comments

Our Work Process

  • We assist businesses develop respect and trust they have gained. Trust is a very perishable asset and we help you preserve it.
  • We help you stay transparent in your online as well as offline activities, so that critics do not get any chance to spread bad remarks against your business.
  • Our team reacts politely and quickly to ensure small issues do not become major concerns.
  • We strive to understand sentiments of your detractors so that your business can create better brand messages.
  • We take stern action against illegal behavior and against those who put false information on the web against your business. This way we prevent such a thing from happening again.

IM Solutions also helps you learn from previous mistakes so that you can prevent yourself from making them again in future.

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  • Phone: +91-8880564488
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