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We help advertisers across all the industries to connect with the residential societies. Through residential activation, advertisers get the maximum viewer ship for their products and services within the desired market place. RWA activation proposes a platform to get to your target market directly and in a pragmatic environment that they are comfortable in.

RWA activation helps brands in socio-economic targeting in most efficient way. Residents staying in the same residential complexes share the same economic background enabling advertisers to target specifically. Brand activation in residential societies helps in strong brand recall. The society activation is perfect for engaging an entire family or just targeted group of customers within a family. With the increase in the sizes of the co-operative housing societies, the society activation has become a wide forum for promoting your brand or launches. Being an ideal option for allowing direct interactions between you and your consumer, society brand activation brings your product or brand to the end user.

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Advertisers get the maximum viewer ship for their products and services for desired demographics. RWA activation is the best form of the hyper local marketing. According to the client's requirement, we help them execute the campaign successfully. Our activities are carried out in absolute professional terms where in we provide them with clear statistics of each activity carried out with RWA.

We are continuously striving towards innovative ideas which can alleviate the advertisers achieve the best, not only that we will also be looking towards the need of the residents of the society at the same time. We help your brand in communicating with the potential clients in an effective manner. We have tied up with several big and small residential associations across Bangalore. Your ads, our networking!

Advertising Options in Societies

Apartment Notice Board

Apartment Notice Board campaigns are the best form of hyper local marketing where advertiser can target specific location where their target audience stays. Generally, societies allows A4 size posters on the notice boards, very few of them allows A3 size posters on notice boards.


Kiosk or canopy help brands in direct interaction with the customers. Through these campaigns brands can do the data mining of right target audience. These kiosks will be located at strategic location in the society premises to fetch the maximum footfalls and visibility.

Flyers Distribution

Flyer distribution happens in two ways in apartment complexes either at doorstep or through mailbox. Flyer creative required a pre-approval from the association before the campaign. It is the best form of direct marketing.

Emailer on Residents Database

Few societies allow e-mailer on residents database, which is very quick, and efficient medium to approach the right targeted audience. It suits brands to push their promotional offers immediately in the local market.


Banners in residential societies create immediate brand awareness and help for the brand recall in a cost effective manner.

Society Events

Advertisers can be a part of the festival events in residential complexes, which bring a lot of footfalls. Here brands can display their products & services and also they can engage people through relevant activities. Brands can participate in these events by becoming the sponsor of the event or book a space on the event day.

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